Stabilization and Mobilization of the Spine

Special exercises for stabilization and mobilization of the spine

Stabilization and Mobilization of the Spine

This “rope exercises” of Spinal Stabilization and Mobilization focuses on the treatment and regeneration of the spine.


Exercise strengthens and balances the overall attitude (posture) of the body. With regular exercise, the harmonization of muscle tension which leads to significant pain relief during either already incurred viewport intervertebral disc or other spinal pain and musculoskeletal system.


Exercise allows the body to return to the natural functioning of the muscular apparatus of the entire musculoskeletal system. The effect of exercise is reflected by disappearing back pain and joints.


Spine destroys extreme, heavy duty, one-sided sport (tennis, golf etc.) or monotonous work. This overload is needed to compensate for regular exercise. This “rope exercises” assembly consists of 10 basic exercises that can be developed further and focus on your problem areas. Exercise is simple, suitable for all ages from school age.
The exercise, you need flexible rope with good and firm attachment and a bit of space. We teach this special exercise and we deliver a special rope to our clients for EUR 25.


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