Michael Moder - Curiosities and stories from My Therapeutic Practice

Michael Moder – Curiosities and stories from My Therapeutic Practice

I love my job, I understand it as my mission…

Curiosities and stories from My Therapeutic Practice:

  • shortest therapy, healed painful shoulder – 3 minutes,
  • the shortest time for healed migraine/headache – 4 minutes,
  • pain relief and remedy, on places, where others would say it was not possible,
  •  the most interesting place of therapy – Nusa Penida island (Indonesia) – shoulder repair,
  •  Curative remedy for limping leg – Croatia – therapy made with one hand – during breakfast, the most esteemed client – English gentleman John – I did the healed his hand – and he accepted me as a brother to the family,
  • clients of all ages from the US, Europe and Indonesia,
  • one local politician who was in the hospital with a back injury I had healed him at during the visit and he could leave that day, and join others at the political party,
  • a woman who could not speak for a week because of the illness, I returned her voice in 5 minutes and start-up the lungs to work properly again,
  • Gentleman who, after a stroke end up on wheelchair, I did heal his hand during the one therapy so that he can using the wheelchair by himself now,
  • salvage of about 7 lives (I revealed serious medical problems requiring immediate medical care – we sent the patients directly to the hospital),
  • 28 babies born after therapies to mothers who failed to get pregnant even after long medical cure,
  • long term ill lady, which was permanently in bed – she could walk after therapies and live a better life for at least 2 years longer,
  •  the youngest patient – 3 years old,
  • the oldest patient 97 years old (my grandmother),
  • rescue many backs, knees and shoulders, and spare them of surgery,
  • postponed operation of injured joints and back care for up to 2 years,
  • the highest number of therapeutic interventions in 1 day – 20 interventions,
  • The number of therapeutic interventions for my career – an estimate of over 20000,
  • 1 year of therapy FREE of charge in time of creating my own therapeutic method (Moder Method),
  •  job offers from clients in different countries (Germany, Croatia, Dubai, Slovakia, Switzerland),
  • the worst therapy with which I got to nowhere – a stressed client going on vacation – 3 hours of work, no result, I had to send him to visit a doctor for injection, and I did not ask for money,
  • various therapies with athletes, sportsman – hockey players (NHL too) – mostly back and groin, footballers – mostly knees, psyche, joint and elbow pain, etc.,
  • therapy was also done on the beach, hotel beds, pubs, train, aeroplane, office, garden, etc.)
  • I got the lady on the wheelchair to stand up and walk again,
  • more cases when people came to me using crutches and Leaving than, with crutches in their hand,
  • public demonstration therapy on many lectures and performances, including demonstration for TV channel (in the Czech Republic),
  • during my therapy, I met my present wife, in Ireland (arm rehabilitation),
  • I love my job, I understand it as my mission, and I have the pleasure in helping and caring every person I see in need of help.

You can find more in my Book “Heal Yourself II” (2019), which is still in the progress of my writing.

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