Michael Moder – Holistic Therapist – some of clients experience


Michael Moder – Holistic Therapist – some of clients experience

Unblocking energy, walking straight, hips, balance, leg length comparison etc.
Michael and Vera Moder have helped me enormously in a variety of ways.
For as long as I remember I have had an uneven walk and holding myself erectly has always felt like a big effort. After deeply pressing on various points and doing a number of manipulations, Michael tested my walking pattern and stance and then did some more work on my muscles and joints. I felt greatly improved after the first session and after a second session, I felt more at ease in my body than I had for years. Keeping my back straight now feels completely natural and my walk feels very well balanced and much more flowing. Fully clothed in comfortable clothes, I did not feel in any way self- conscious during the sessions. Vera gently helped me perform an exercise that Michael had showed me to help me maintain the progress that had been made. She and Michael listened to me with great attention and offered me very helpful lifestyle advice. I felt that they really cared about my welfare and that they had an intuitive awareness of my emotional as well as my physical condition.
They were in contact between and after sessions, keen to be aware of how I was progressing. Michael and Vera combine a thoroughly scientific approach with attentiveness and kindness that is truly remarkable. I am so glad that I decided to try the Moder Method. I did not need to sign up for a large number of sessions. Two sessions were all it took to change a life- long problem.
I am also delighted to know, however, that, should I develop any problems in the future, the Moder Method is a resource that I can depend on to help me in a non-invasive but radically healing way.
Beth Kiberd , Clontarf, Dublin


Help for an older lady
Hello everybody, It has been 6 years when Michael helped my grandmom return her from the bed back to her legs.
At her 76y my grandmom felt down and broked her hip joint. She moved to the hospital to get surgery. After surgery once she layed on intensive care got many litres of blood. Doctors were curious what´s happening? She had inner bleeding. Due to the fact, her heart became to be weak. She stayed at the hospital more than 3 months after that time the doctor said that she should be moved to the hospice. And as all of us know usually this place is the final destination of your life. My mom couldn´t accept this fact and she wanted to get grandmom back to the home to help her live a dignified life. Mom was looking around for some opportunity how to help her. My sister knew Michael and she recommends that this guy could help in this case. Michael took action and recommended some great natural stuff from dead sea produced by Dr.NONA to increase grandmom health. He also came to provide specialized therapy to the place where grandmom lived as there was no way to move her to Michael´s studio. After my grandmom was able to get out of the bed, on the beginning with the help of others then just by herself. We were so thankful that she can enjoy her life again. Another great period of her life started.
Thank you, Michael, for your wide knowledge and experiences you have and you could apply. Thanks for your power!
Irena. V.


Spinal injury after a traffic accident and the experience of another client
I have known Michael for years. At first, Michael was my private trainer in a gym, a fantastic trainer! I had suffered from back pain after injuring my spine in a car accident. Michael took all these circumstances into account, as well as starting to heal my body through a unique therapy. The combination of long experience in various fields, such as fitness trainer, nutritionist and therapist, results in a very holistic approach and that is what counts. Michael is a very gifted person. He immediately finds all the knots and tension points. He knows what he is doing and you experience that relief when the pain is gone or drastically reduced. You don’t need painkillers, you need Michael! I highly recommend Michael! I value him both professionally and personally.
K. Medko


Hello, I’d like to let here at least a few words.
The meeting with Mr.Moder was the first experience for me. He is straightforward, open and talking with you on the plate. It opens your eyes to everything because the treatment of pain is not only about physiotherapy but also about mental equilibrium and overall life satisfaction … and sometimes it is necessary to „kick“ people’s ass. Facing the truth face to face is far more effective than reading book tips.
Mr.Moder has a wealth of experience, and when he tries to discover and heal the origin of the pain, that he knows what he does and where to go.
Wonderful, intelligent and person who helps wholeheartedly. I recommend.
Have a nice day. Yours sincerely,
L. Filip


Serious problems with shoulder, and cervical spine and migraine
I sincerely recommend Michael’s healing program and his assistance. I myself had serious problems with my shoulder and cervical spine. It was so bad that my arm was nearly paralyzed. My migraine was so serious, knocking me out of normal life for a couple of days.
After only one treatment …… I no longer have a problem with my arm or shoulder… and the headaches, which lasted for a matter of four or five days a week…are just very sporadic. I do believe if I had the time and opportunity to undergo a second treatment, I would never again suffer from migraine for the rest of my life.
God bless ya, Michael,… and keep going please, the world needs people like you !!!
H. Hexe


Back pain
Hello Mr.Moder
I would just like to thank you for your consultation and treatment last Friday.
My back is 85% better
If the pain gets worse I will contact you again.
Thank you
Best Regards


Back pain
Therapist Michael Moder is a wonderful professional with hands of an angel, who knows me, know that I wouldn’t let no one touch my back, being afraid of getting hurt, but with Michael is different around him he makes you feel comfortable, secure and calm. He is a professional and knows what he is doing, so happy after the consultation with him and his assistant and I am definitely coming back. I do recommend him big time such a nice person and so helpful so professional. I suffer from back pain for a long time and after seeing Michael I feel much better, thank you so much Michael and I wish you all the best, keep going with your wonderful work.
Susana Costa


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